Bumblefuck USA


AARON DOUGLAS JOHNSTON director, writer, producer
Born and raised in his beloved Iowa, Aaron Douglas Johnston graduated summa cum laude in International Studies from Middlebury College and obtained graduate degrees with honors in sociology from Oxford and Yale before finding his way into filmmaking in Amsterdam. He is currently studying directing at the Netherlands Film and Television Academy, where he has made numerous short films. These include 'Today and Tomorrow', a Farsi-spoken drama made with, and about, asylum seekers living in the Netherlands, as well as 'Rosa’s Prelude', a story about a Dutch teenage girl's struggle with anorexia and her mother's attempt to help her. Aaron's films often focus on insider/outsider themes and blur the boundary between documentary and fiction. 'Bumblefuck, USA' is Aaron's first feature-length film.

Judith de Weert majored in Japanese Studies and Sinology at Leiden University in the Netherlands. After graduating she enrolled in the Netherlands Film and Television Academy in Amsterdam, majoring in production. During her studies, Judith has focused on international film productions and has led projects in Japan, the USA, Poland and Burkina Faso. She will graduate from film school in the summer of 2011.

CAT SMITS writer, lead actress ('Alexa')
Born in The Hague in the Netherlands, Cat Smits began her acting career as a child in the musical 'Les Miserables' and later studied acting and directing at the Amsterdam School of the Arts. Cat currently works as an actress for various theater groups in the Netherlands, including Drang, Ulrike Quade Company and Werktuig. Through Feikes Huis, she also creates and performs in her own plays. These include 'Metro', which was selected for the Amsterdam Fringe Festival in 2010, and 'God Particles', a participant of the Pop Arts Festival in Amsterdam in 2011. In addition to commercials for Dutch national television, Cat has also starred in several short films. 'Bumblefuck, USA' is her first feature-length film. See www.catsmits.com for more information on Cat's work.

HEIDI M. SALLOWS actress ('Jennifer')
Heidi M. Sallows grew up in Port Byron, Illinois and graduated with a bachelor's degree in fine arts from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2007. Heidi has worked as a mural and public artist since 1996, creating murals both in public spaces and for private collectors. Her re-use material sculpture work toured museums in Davenport, Iowa, including the Putnam Museum and the Figge Art Museum. She is also a singer in the band Justin Morrissey and Friends. Currently Heidi co-owns a small parlor gallery in the Village of East Davenport, Iowa. Along with appearances on public television and radio, she has been recognized in magazines and newspapers for her murals and body art. 'Bumblefuck, USA' is Heidi's first appearance in film.

JOHN WATKINS actor ('Lucas')
In addition to 'Bumblefuck, USA', John Watkins has starred in 'Divinity' by Ted Smith and most recently in 'Bushing' by Craig Webster. John also creates and performs music under the moniker Rosalee Motor Revival. He is currently working towards an MFA degree in Acting from the University of Iowa.

RYAN GOURLEY actor ('Cemetery Worker')
Ryan Gourley began his acting career at 14 in a stage production of 'Hamlet'. He continued acting throughout his high school years, going on to study psychology, communication studies and theater at the University of Iowa, where he made the transition from stage to film. He has since appeared in several Iowa-based independent films, including '16 to Life' (2009) and 'Collapse' (2010), as well as in many commercials and educational films. Most recently he has had leading roles in the independent short films 'Sway' and 'The Mezzotint'.

HAYO VAN GEMERT director of photography
After originally studying film theory for some time at the University of Amsterdam, Hayo chose to create films rather than theorize about them. He went on to study cinematography at the Netherlands Film and Television Academy, where he has shot numerous short films and documentaries. He will graduate in the summer of 2011. Hayo passionately believes that good cinematography must always focus on telling the story.

DENNIS KERSTEN director of sound
Dennis Kersten is a location sound recordist and sound editor from the Netherlands. After studying sound at the Netherlands Film and Television Academy and sound design and sound technology at the Utrecht School of the Arts, he began his professional life in 2010. His work includes several feature films, documentaries, short films and commercials. See www.denniskersten.nl for more information on Dennis's work.

IDA DOODEMAN production designer
Ida received her bachelor’s degree in Film and Television Studies at the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands in 2007. She is currently majoring in production design at the Netherlands Film and Television Academy and will complete her studies in the summer of 2011. During her studies, Ida has worked as a production designer on many short films. For the design of 'Bumblefuck, USA', Ida was inspired by the film's characters. While all characters are united by the town they live in, Ida strived to create a unique environment for each character that fit with and accentuated their different personalities and backgrounds.

SAM DE JONG director of interviews
Sam de Jong was born and raised in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and is currently studying directing at the Netherlands Film and Television Academy. He has made several documentaries, including 'We go Europe, Insha'allah', a film about Middle Eastern immigrants stuck in Greece. Sam strives to portray the people in his films as sincerely as possible.

MYRTHE MOSTERMAN director of photography of interviews
Myrthe Mosterman (1983) studied media, culture and philosophy at the University of Amsterdam and completed her master's degree in Film Studies in 2007. In 2008 she began studying cinematography at the Netherlands Film and Television Academy, where she has shot several documentaries and short fiction films, including 'Today and Tomorrow' by Aaron Douglas Johnston. She will graduate in the summer of 2012.

OLIVER PATTINAMA interview sound recordist
Oliver Pattinama specializes in location sound recording for film, both fiction and documentary. Since completing his studies in sound recording and design at the Netherlands Film and Television Academy, Oliver can be found on various film sets.

In 2009 Sanne graduated from the Amsterdam School of the Arts as a teacher and director of theater. During her theater studies she became interested in film production and has since worked on numerous sets in productions at the Netherlands Film and Television Academy. Currently, Sanne offers acting and theater courses to children, directs children in short plays, and works regularly on film sets in various production capacities.

Born in the south of Holland in 1986, Xander Nijsten moved to Amsterdam in 2004 to major in Film Studies at the University of Amsterdam. He is currently specializing in film editing at the Netherlands Film and Television Academy, where he has edited numerous short fiction films and documentaries, including 'Today and Tomorrow' by Aaron Douglas Johnston. 'Bumblefuck, USA' is his first feature-length edit.

Marcel Vendrig studied media and culture at the University of Amsterdam as well as editing at the Utrecht School of the Arts, Hilversum division. His latest documentary 'Een Enkeltje Bussum' (One-Way Ticket to Bussum) has been selected for the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam. In addition to documentaries, Marcel works on his craft by editing short fiction films and commercials. See www.marcelvendrig.nl for more information on Marcel's work.

CARLOS DALLA-FIORE sound designer
Australian born Carlos Dalla-Fiore has been active in the Dutch film scene since 2000. Trained as a visual effects artist, he worked on children's movies 'Minoes' and 'Erik of het kleine insekten boek' (Erik or the Small Book of Insects) before eventually moving toward his true passion: sound. He currently runs 'De Zwarte Molen' (The Black Mill), a small audio-post and music production studio in Amsterdam, working as a sound-designer, audio-editor and composer on a variety of commercial and independent projects.

WIM SELLES composer
Wim discovered theater while undergoing his preliminary training as a classical guitarist at the conservatory in Amsterdam in the late seventies. He spent the eighties learning to act, compose and create music for theater. Since the early nineties Wim has been working as a freelance composer, music dramaturgist and music director. He has worked with numerous European theater and modern dance groups, been a composer for several film and television projects, and taught at various theater programs. Recently Wim established Studio Selles (www.studioselles.nl), a music studio that brings together artists from various disciplines for collaborative projects.

NIEK TEUNISSEN post-production supervisor
After completing the Professional Development Diploma Intensive Acting Course at Chichester College in 2005, Niek Teunissen was rewarded with the international achievement award and LAMDA golden medal. Shortly thereafter he was accepted by the prestigious theater school in Maastricht in the Netherlands. He is currently majoring in film production, class of 2012, at he Netherlands Film and Television Academy in Amsterdam. While at film school, Niek has produced the first Dutch short kung-fu film 'In de Naam van de Vader' (In name of the Father) and a stereoscopic 3D film, a first for the Dutch film school. Recently, Niek completed production on the 25-minute graduation film, 'Het onopmerkelijke leven van Hans Boorman' (The unremarkable life of Hans Boorman), in co-production with the VPRO.